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Set horizontal scrolling freeze position: SetFrozenColumn

Tag: SetFrozenColumn

The SetFrozenColumn function lets you set the column to be frozen as the right boundary of horizontal scrolling.

Tag Attributes


Value Description


Uniquely identifies the grid (see each product’s grid codes). Not required (then addresses the main grid or the current frame grid)


Applicable Column ID in the Grid Manager.

Sets the horizontal scrolling freeze of the grid at that column position.

If the column is not found, the column atPosition is set as the frozen column, if provided, 


Sets the horizontal scrolling freeze o1f the grid at that column position.

Example Script

<SetFrozenColumn ColumnID="meta.userName" Position="13"/>

In this example, we try to freeze the grid at the position of the column with unique ID "meta.userName". If not found or if not displayed, we shall freeze column at position 13.

If nothing works (column not found and fewer than 14 columns appear in the grid), the current freeze is not altered.

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