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SetVarListFromGridColumns: Create a list of variables from the unique values in grid columns

Tag: SetVarListFromGridColumns

The SetVarListFromGridColumns function creates lists of variables from the unique values in the grid column.


Tag Attributes

AttributesValue Description

Name of list - Required

Variable namesAny unreserved name valid in XML. Reserved names are listed on: Variables.
Variable values

Valid grid column IDs. If a column is not found (invalid column ID), an error is raised, the action fails,

the list ends up empty and the loop will do nothing.


When set to TRUE, displays a console trace for each element added to the list

Defaults to TRUE

Example Script

	<SetVarListFromGridColumns ListName="FromGrid" varUserName="displayName" Unique='Any variable name' />
	<loop list="FromGrid">
		<echo value="===>>> user {%varUserName%};"/>
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