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Show Type Columns

Tag: ShowTypeColumns

Detailed Description

The sub-action ShowTypeColumns is roughly equivalent to the 'Hide Type Columns' button in the 'Values' panel. But instead of acting like a toggle, the action sets the state outright. Also, this is only applicable when used as a nested child action within a Values script block. If it is used elsewhere, an error will occur.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
ValueTrue / FalseSets the display mode for Type columns - Required

Example Script

	<load server="ACME01/ACME" database="Mailtest.nsf"/>
	<focus target="tree" category="Documents" type="Memo"/>
	<Values KeepAlive="false">
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="Form"/>
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="From"/>
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="DeliveredDate"/>
		<ShowTypeColumns value="false"/>
		<AddCustomColumn Name="Created By">
			<SetParam Field="TitleOptionType" Value="System"/>
			<SetParam Field="TitleOptionSystem" Value="Created By"/>
			<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:scanEZ-Values.html"/>
			<SetParam field="ExportType" value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam field="SelectedRowsOnly" value="False"/>

In the script above, the database "Mailtest.nsf" will be loaded into scanEZ and the selection tree focus will be placed on the document category Memo. The Values operation will be launched on these documents and the Values grid's columns will be set to the items "Form", "From", and "Delivered Date". The ShowTypeColumns action will set the Type column display mode to "false". A custom column will then be added using the Note Info value "Created By". The Evaluate action will then trigger the custom column to populate with the individual values of this Note information. All rows within this grid will then be exported to an HTML file, and the Values dialog will close.

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