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Tree: Select by File

Tag: SelectbyFile

The SelectbyFile function selects or unselects tree items according to the content of a CSV or Excel file. The script must first expand and focus on the parent node of the tree section that needs to be matched to the CSV/Excel file content. Changing the tree node titles might also be necessary.

Detailed Description

All parameters can also be set in SetParam children actions.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
FilePathN/ACSV or Excel file with the data to be used for selection in the tree - Required
HasHeadersTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to TRUE)N/A
FileColumnIndexN/AColumn index in CSV or Excel file (starts at 0) - Required
UnselectTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to FALSE)N/A
CaseSensitiveTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to FALSE)N/A
StartsWithTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to FALSE)N/A
SelectFirstTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to FALSE)N/A
KeepAliveTRUE / FALSE (Defaults to FALSE)N/A

Example Scripts

<SelectByFile FilePath="D:\Temp\scanEZ-selectTreeFile.csv" FileColumnIndex="2" StartsWith="true"/>
	<Load Database="Dev\Team\YtriaAut.nsf" Server="NOTESAPP/YTRIA"/>
	<Expand target="tree" category="Documents"/>
	<Focus target="tree" category="Documents"/>
			<Setparam Field="TitleOptionType" Value="Field"/>
			<Setparam Field="FieldAttribute" Value="Value"/>
			<Setparam Field="TitleOptionFieldName" Value="Subject"/>
	<!--SelectByFile FilePath="D:\Temp\scanEZ-selectTreeFile.csv" HasHeaders="false" FileColumnIndex="2" UnSelect="true" CaseSensitive="true" StartsWith="true" SelectFirst="true"/-->
	<SelectByFile FilePath="D:\Temp\scanEZ-selectTreeFile.csv" FileColumnIndex="2" StartsWith="true"/>
	<!--Delete Checkbox="true" NoDeletionStubs="true" DeleteResponses="true"/-->
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