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Select Tree Entries

Tag: Select

The Select tag, along with the applicable SetParam options, lets you automate the selection of documents and design elements within scanEZ's selection tree.

The Select action can be used for selecting entries within trees and grids; the selection mechanics, attributes, compatible values, and SetParam options are different depending on what you need to select.

For selections in grids, server/database trees, and scanEZ's selection tree, please look at these pages:

      Detailed Description

      Using Select in an automation script is equivalent to manually clicking the corresponding tree node(s).

      Tag Attributes

      AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
      CategoryUser defined My Selection name

      Access Control List



      Profile Documents

      Deletion Stubs



      Defines the form of Select operation to be used
      TypeSee detailed description*


      ValueUser defined

      N/A - Required for Category "ByNoteID"

      To automate selections in scanEZ's Selection Tree, use the Select action along with a combination of Category and Type attributes.

      This action will not automatically expand a category. A category must already be expanded from a previous action in the script in order to be selected. Selections will be check box selections and focus will be set on the category.

      For all Category values except Designs, the Type value is equal to the displayed title in the selection tree.

      The following are compatible Type values when using the 'Designs' Category:

      • Framesets
      • Outlines
      • Pages
      • Forms
      • Views
      • Folders
      • Navigators
      • Agents
      • Images
      • Applets
      • Web Services Providers
      • Web Services Consumers
      • Java
      • Jars
      • Subforms
      • Shared Fields
      • Script Libraries
      • Others
      • Agent Data
      • Data Connections
      • DB2 Access Views
      • Style Sheets
      • Shared Columns
      • Shared Actions
      • Files
      • Wiring Properties
      • Composite Applications
      • Components
      • iNotes
      • XPages
      • Custom Controls
      • Themes
      • Server JavaScript Libraries
      • Eclipse Files

      Example Scripts

      <Select Category="Designs" Type="Views"/>
      	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" Database="mail\daltmann.nsf"/>
      	<UnSelect Target="Tree" Category="Designs"/>
      	<Expand Target="Tree" Category="Designs" Type="Views"/>
      	<Select Category="Designs" Type="Views"/>

      In the script above, the database "daltmann.nsf" will be loaded in scanEZ, and all residual selections in the selection tree will be deselected. The tree node "Designs" and "Views" within that, will be expanded. And then the Select action will select all design elements within the "Views" node.

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