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The Select action, along with the applicable SetParam options, lets you automate the selection of design elements within selection trees found in viewEZ, signEZ, designPropEZ, actionBarEZ.

	<SetParam NoteID="hC9A"/>
	<SetParam NoteID="h18FA"/>

NOTEThe Select action can be used for selecting entries within trees and grids; the selection mechanics, attributes and compatible values, and the attributes and SetParam options are different depending on what you need to select.

For selections in grids, server/database trees in mono-server and multi-server products, and scanEZ's selection tree, please look at these pages:

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue DescriptionComment
NoteIDThe NoteID in either decimal or hexadecimal format prefixed with an "h" or "H"



NameUser defined

OR set value

The text displayed in tree node

Will select everything in the tree
Case insensitive

"All" value depends on the current language of the product.
AliasUser definedThe Last Alias of the design


Detailed Description

To automate selections in any design tree, the values of for SetParam options NoteIDName, and Alias can be specified in child actions.

Example Script

<YtriaAutomation Version="1.0" Application="viewEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5.0" Console="False">
	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" Database="mail\daltmann.nsf"/>
		<SetParam Name="All"/>
		<SetParam NoteID="hCC6"/>
		<SetParam Name="($ApptUNID) [en]"/>
	<OpenColumns KeepAlive="True">
		<Add ColumnID="C1" Position="2"/>
		<Add ColumnID="C6" Position="3"/>
		<Add ColumnID="C7" Position="4"/>

In the script above, the views within the mail database "daltmann.nsf" will be loaded into the selection tree of viewEZ. The 
Select action will select the views specified within its SetParam child actions: NoteID hCC6, and the view with the name ($ApptUNID)[en]. The 'Columns…' grid will be opened showing the column properties of these two selected views, and the grid columns with ColumnIDs of C1, C6, C7 will be added and placed in the grid position 2,3, and 4 respectively. The 'Columns…' grid dialog will stay open.