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Select Server/Databases in Tree

Tag: Select

The Select action, along with the applicable SetParam options, lets you automate the selection of servers and/or databases within the selection trees found in aclEZ, databaseEZ, agentEZ, and replicationEZ.

Detailed Description

In any application where there is a Databases panel/server tree, the Select action, a Target attribute value of "Tree", and the applicable attribute/value combination for the desired selection will emulate the selection of server/database tree nodes in the UI and will trigger all relevant actions.

When selecting databases using attributes ReplicaID or Database all nodes containing databases with matching Replica IDs including all duplicate databases will also be affected.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description

N/A - Required (See detailed description)

ServerUser definable server name

N/A - Required when using replicationEZ

DatabaseUser definable database file name


Replica IDUser definable Replica IDString representation of the database Replica ID
FolderUser definable folder nameUser defined folder name (with path for subfolders)

Example Scripts

<select target="tree" Database="MyPath\orphan.nsf"/>

The Select action can be used for selecting entries within trees and grids; the selection mechanics, attributes and compatible values, and the attributes and SetParam options are different depending on what you need to select.

For selections in grids, design trees in mono-database products, and scanEZ's selection tree, please look at these pages:

	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME"/>
	<Load Server="ACME02/ACME"/>
	<Unselect Target="Tree" Server="All"/>
	<select target="tree" Server="ACME01/ACME" Database="log.ntf"/>
	<select target="tree" Server="ACME02/ACME" ReplicaID="852561D4:006BAEBA"/>

In the script above, servers "ACME01/ACME" and "ACME01/ACME" will be loaded into replicationEZ's selection tree, and all possible residual selections will deselected. The Select action will be used two separate times: The first line will select the database "log.ntf" on ACME01/ACME and its replica on ACME02/ACME if this exists. The second line will select the database matching the Replica ID of "852561D4:006BAEBA" on ACME02/ACME and its replica on ACME02/ACME if this exists. The databases and their replicas that have been selected will be loaded into the main grid.

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