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The scanEZ main screen

The main screen of scanEZ is divided into 3 sections :

  1. At the top, the Menu and Toobar section.
  2. At the left, the Selection Tree which lists every note contained in a database, categorized by type (ACL, Design notes, Documents, Profile Documents, Deletion Stubs and Conflict Documents).
  3. The right-hand side of the screen displays contextual panels. It will display a contextual panel associated with the selected item in the tree, or the entire database's properties if no element is selected.


scanEZ will open one instance per database. When you open a document in scanEZ from the Notes client, if an instance of the document's database is already opened, scanEZ will open the document in the same instance instead of launching an other instance of scanEZ.

Selection Tree

In the Selection Tree on the left-hand side of scanEZ, you can see all your design notes, documents, profile documents, deletion stubs, save (replication) conflicts.

Each selection in the selection tree will reveal information about it automatically for you in the larger right side panel.
Whatever is in focus in the Selection Tree will determine what gets displayed in the right-hand side of scanEZ.

Contextual Panels

The following table explain the situations in which each contexual panel will appear:

Highlighted in the Selection TreeWhat appears in the right panel
The top-level of the databaseThe Database Information panel
The Designs catagoryThe Design Collection panel
The Profile Documents catagoryThe Profile Documents panel
The Deletion Stubs catagoryThe Deletion Stubs panel
The Conflicts catagoryThe Conflicts panel
The Documents catagoryThe Diff Panel
A collection (folder) of Designs, Documents, Profile Documents, or a 'My Selection' virtual folderThe Diff Panel
An individual Document, Design note, Profile Document, or ConflictThe Item List panel at top-right and the Note Info panel at the lower-right side
An individual Deletion StubThe Deletion Stub Information panel


Use the Left and Right arrow keys to expand/collapse categories in the Selection Tree.

Menu Options

DatabaseOpening a database, general display options
DocumentDocuments, profile docs documents. Change of displayed title in the Selection Tree
FieldOptions related to field modification.
SearchExplore the different ways of searching with scanEZ
My SelectionVirtual scanEZ folders
FolderNotes folders
CheckBox SelectionWork on notes selected with the checkbox
ToolsOther tools : Conflict Solver, Document Analyzer, Notes.ini editor, ...

Ytria scanEZ shares the same Help menu options as our other tools. See the Help menu page for more information.

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