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Search - Overview

With scanEZ you have a number of search options available to help you find what you're looking for in a database.

Search TypeDescription
Search by UNIDSearch the database for the specified UNID.
Search by NoteIDSearch the database for the specified NoteID.
Search by NoteID RangeSearch the database for all Notes in the specified range.
Search Design Element by TitleSearch the design elements for the specified title.
Search by FormulaSearch the database for all documents matching the specified formula.
Quick Retrieve Contents of View or FolderLets you select a view or folder and place its contents in a My Selection folder. This feature does not require any document loading (it uses the existing view index) so it is a good way to efficiently gather large selection of documents.
Search using Full TextFull text search the database for all documents matching the specified text.
Extensive Search by Note ClassLets you perform searches for multiple class-types all in one go, with the results of each type placed in individual My Selection folders.

My Selection

Every search dialogs provide you with the following options to select where to put the search results :

New 'My Selection'Creates a new My Selection category with all the results of the search.
Current Selection 'My Selection name' (Append to)Appends the results of the search to the current My Selection.
Current Selection 'My Selection name' (Replace)Replaces the current selection with the results of the search.

See My Selection for more information on these virtual folders.

Title Options for search results

Most of the search options in scanEZ offer the option of customizing the titles of search results. Click here to read more about this feature.

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