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Search by Formula

To search a database with a formula, simply go to Search > Search by Formula
It opens the Formula dialog box:


For more information about where the search results will be put, see Search Overview and My Selection.

Entering your Formula Manually

You can type formulas in directly in the white box, as seen in the example above. There are buttons provided that you can click to input the most common operators.

Using the 'Quick Lists'

Ytria scanEZ provides the following options to assist searching by formula under the heading 'Quick Lists' at the top of the dialog box:

Basic Formulas

With the Basic Formulas pull-down menu, scanEZ provides quick access to some basic formulas such as @Accessed, @Text(DocumentUniqueID) or @NoteID. Simply select the formula you need and click the Paste button. Your formula will be pasted into the white formula box.


If you selected a document in the Selection tree before launching the Search by Formula feature, scanEZ displays the Value button. Clicking this button will paste the value returned by the basic formula (selected in the list on the left) for this particular document into the formula box.

Saved Formulas

Once you have entered your formula, you can save it in scanEZ by clicking on the Save Formula button and entering a label for the formula :

Once you've saved a formula it's easy to reuse it -- just select it in the Saved Formulas pull-down menu.

View Formulas

scanEZ provides the list of all the views available in the database. If you click the Replace button, the formula of the view selected in the list is pasted into the formula box. Clicking the Refresh button will refresh the list of views available in the database.


If a note was selected when you launched the Search by Formula feature, scanEZ displays the list of all the fields of the document. If no document or collection of documents was selected before you launched the Search by Formula feature, this pull-down menu will be grayed out.


If more than one document were selected (with checkboxes or in a design collection) , scanEZ displays the list of the fields of the first document. You can paste these fields into your formula instead of typing their names.


As of scanEZ version 10, the formula history is automatically saved to disk in a file named "YtriaFormulaHistory.sfd" in your Notes data directory. The last 99 formulas used will be saved. The formulas can be instantly shared between open sessions of scanEZ.


Just below the Fields list, you see the Values corresponding to the fields. You can include any of these values in your formulas as well, with the Paste button.

Choosing where scanEZ should search

The following checkbox options are provided in the Search by Formula dialog box to help you narrow down your search:

Search DocumentsSearch in documents if enabled.
Search DesignsSearch in design elements if enabled.
Restrict search to current CategorySearch only in the selected category in the navigation tree.

Selected means that the category must be highlighted in the navigation tree and not checked. Only the highlighted category will be used.

This option will be displayed only if a category is selected.

Hit the F8 key to perform a search by Formula.

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