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The Property Analyzer Grid in databaseEZ

The database Property Analyzer

The Property Analyzer tool can be used to scan for databases that have certain property related issues, or that have particular characteristics.

To launch the Property Analyzer, click  Tools>Property Analyzer,   or  Ctrl  +  G


Server-wide Property Analyzer options


The Server Property Analyzer dialog lets you pick any combination of the following properties:

  • Template name duplicates:   Scans for duplicate template names on a server.
  • Replica ID duplicates:   Scans for identical Replica IDs on a server.
  • Inherit from a template that does not exist:   Returns databases that are set to inherit their design from a template that does not exist on the server.
  • Database has a specific percentage of quota remaining:   Finds any databases whose quotas have reached a given threshold.
  • No data changed since: Finds databases where no data has changed in the specified number of days or longer.
  • Design Changed within last: Scans for recent design changes in databases. It will match any databases whose designs have changed within the number of days specified.
  • Database has reached a specific size:   Finds databases whose sizes match or exceed the specified threshold. Enter the size in MB.

Other options:

  • Launch the Analyzer on the startup of databaseEZ: Loads the Property Analyzer grid information when databaseEZ starts.
  • Save Settings and Run Analyzer: Will both save your settings and perform the Property Analyzer scan, and then show the results in the Property Analyzer grid.
  • Save Settings: Saves the properties checked and entered into the Property Analyzer; databaseEZ will remember these settings the next time the software is launched.

Grid right-click options - Tools and Columns

  • Display in main grid: Lets you add a database to the  Grid pane.
  • Remove from main grid:  Removes the selected databases from the  Grid pane.

More information about Grid Tools and Options is  here.

The  Property Analyzer  Grid includes the following columns:

Default Enabled

Database Title


Displays the name of the Domino database.
Database Path


Path of the Domino database. The root correspond to the notes data directory.
Database Filename


Displays the database's file name (e.g: names.nsf).
Database Type


Tells the type of database (i.e. template, database, or mail).

Domino Server Name.

Default Enabled

Duplicate template names

Duplicate Replicas IDs

"Inherit from" set to non-existant template

Quota space left

Number of days without data modification


Display the number of days since the last modification occurred on the database.
Number of days since last design modification

Database physical size


Same info as found in the IBM Notes client's Database Info tab.

More information about Grid Columns is  here.

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