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Command Line in designPropEZ

Lotus Script - Command Line

designPropEZ.exe "=<notes.ini path>" "<server>" "<database path>" <command> "<Note ID>"

All arguments are optional. See example below for usage.

<notes.ini path>Full OS path of the notes.ini file.
<server>Server name where the designPropEZ database is located. Leave empty if server is local.
<database path>Absolute path to the designPropEZ database.
<command>Action to perform. See next table for details.
<Note ID>Note ID of the document. Must be the hexadecimal value.


-BExecute a batch document (Process one given database on the server).

Expects a BATCH document Note ID.
-B -MExecute a Multi-batch document.

Expects a MULTIBATCH document Note ID.
-B -SExecute a batch document (Scan full server -- wildcards supported).

Expects a BATCH document Note ID.


designPropEZ.exe "=C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\notes.ini" "" "Ytria\designPropEZ.nsf" -B -M "6241"
This command will execute the MultiBatch document with the NoteID h6241 in the local database Ytria\designPropEZ.nsf.
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