Command Line

Any Ytria tool can be launched by Command Line.

For example:

scanEZ.exe "=C:\notes\notes.ini" "CN=Ytest-PD/O=TESTING" "dbtest\maildbtest.nsf"
scanEZ.exe "=<notes.ini path>" "<server>" "<database path>"
<notes.ini path>Full OS path of the notes.ini file (this is optional, but strongly recommended to prevent an incorrect notes.ini file from being used)
<server>Server name where the database you wish to open is located. Leave empty if server is local.
<database path>Absolute path to the database you want to open.
  • Double quotes (") are strongly recommended in case the directory's name has a space.
  • BackSlashes (\) are strongly recommended; Ytria products understand Slash (/) and double BackSlashes (\\) via the Windows system, but it sometimes produces unexpected results.
  • Equal sign (=) is necessary.
  • The notes.ini string is case-insensitive, "myDir\notes.ini" is the same as "MYDIR\NOTES.ini".
  • The notes.ini must always be the first argument, even if a server and a database are specified.
  • The order is important: "server" "database." If the database is on local, enter an empty string.

So to open any Ytria tool, you can create a Windows shortcut and add command line arguments.

For more information about tool-specific Command Lines, please refer to Command Line in designPropEZ, Command Line in scanEZ, Command Line in signEZ.