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Compare ACLs

replicationEZ offers the ability to compare ACLs of replicas across servers. This provides a very convenient way to determine access or security discrepancies in your environment. The ACL Comparator panel uses a grid-type inferface which offers the standard grouping, filtering, customization and exportation options available in all Ytria tools' grids.

How to Compare ACLs

To use this feature, select one-or-more databases in the main grid, right-click and choose Compare ACLs in the contextual menu (or you can click Tools>Compare ACLs). Results are shown in the ACL Comparator Grid.

Select replicas in the main grid, then right-click and choose Compare ACLs

The ACL Comparator panel

The ACL Comparator panel's grid

This grid displays all the ACL entries for the replicas whose ACLs you've chose to compare.
The following columns are shown:

  • Replica ID
  • Database Full Path: This shows the full path for whichever database is selected under 'The server used for the 'Database Full Path' column is' pull-down menu displayed here: 

  • Name: The name of the ACL entry. Cells will be grayed out if not applicable (e.g. Global ACL Properties).
  • Property: The ACL property in question.
  • Inconsistency Found: If this checkbox is ticked, it means that there is a discrepancy across replicas for the property shown in the row.
  • [Server 1][Server 2][etc.]: Each loaded server will have its own column. You will see either a checkbox or value (depending on the nature of the ACL property).

Contextual Menu (Right-Click) options

The following right-click menu options are available in the ACL Comparator panel:

  • Select All Main Grid Rows Related to this/these Replica ID(s): This is a quick and easy way to have your main grid selection match your selection in the ACL Comparator panel.
  • Uncheck Database for Selected Entries: This will de-select any databases in the Databases panel associated with the selected rows in the ACL Comparator panel.
  • Uncheck Database For Entries Not Selected: This will de-select any databases in the Databases panel that are not associated with the current selection in the ACL Comparator panel.
  • Copy ACLs: This option allows you to copy a selected ACLs from one replica's server to another's. This option is also accessible from the main grid. 
  • Grid Action: This sub-menu is available in all grid-type windows in Ytria tools. Click here to see an overview of global grid features.
  • Grid Columns: This allows you to hide any of the columns available in this grid.

Rows with ACL inconsistencies are shaded red, like those shown below:

Click here to consult the full color code guide for replicationEZ

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