Explore and edit all members and owners of selected groups at once.  You can add, remove, copy or move members as well as promote/demote ownership for multiple selections at once.

Working with synced groups?

If your selection includes groups synced from on-premises, you will be able to see their members and owners, but you will not be able to manage them.

Microsoft limitation: Owners of security groups synced from on-prem will NOT be displayed because the ManagedBy attribute is not synced for on-prem security groups.

For synced groups, we recommend to launch “Members” in the “On-prem Group Management” section to manage members and owners (located on the far right of the ribbon in Groups window).

  • Add members to groups

  • Add owners to groups

  • Show nested group members

  • Remove members or owners from groups

  • Copy members to other groups

  • Move members to other groups

  • Promote members to owners in groups

  • Demote owners to members in groups

  • Make owners also members