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Manage on-prem group members and owners (hybrid tenants)

This section is only visible for hybrid tenants once on-prem groups have been loaded. This feature only applies to selected on-prem or synced groups, launching a new view with members listed for each selected group.

From there, you can manage direct members and owners.


When you apply changes, an icon is added in the status column to indicate if it’s a new entry (star), a deletion (trash) or an edit (pencil).

To save your changes to the server, use one of the Save buttons.
Grouping by the status column is a quick way to review all your pending changes.



Add Members

Add members from the directory to all selected groups.

Set Owner

Add owners from the directory to all selected groups.

Nested Groups

Expand nested groups and show their members.

Remove From

Remove selected members and owners from their groups.

Add to

Add selected users or groups to other groups you will choose.

Move To

Remove selected members (users or groups) from their groups and add them to other groups you will choose. Ownership is not affected.

Promote to Owner

Promote selected members to owners of their group.

Demote to Member

Remove ownership of selected owners to make them members only.

Add to Members

Make selected owners also members of the groups they own.

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