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Work with groups both in the cloud and on-premises

If you have a hybrid Microsoft 365 environment, you may manage your on-prem users and groups data in sapio365. This requires connecting sapio365 to your on-premises Active Directory.

On-prem groups features are visible only for hybrid tenants. They must be enabled in 'Edit On-Prem Settings' in sapio365.

On-prem groups

Use this feature to retrieve selected attributes of all on-premises group accounts in the local Active Directory. This action adds on-prem-only group accounts to the grid and reconciles synced group accounts with existing ones (Azure AD) in the grid.
NOTE: Processing times depend on the volume of entries and attributes retrieved.

The first time you load on-prem groups' attributes, you will be asked to select the attributes you want. This selection is sticky.

  1. Do a quick search for an attribute.

  2. You have the option to load this last selection each time or be prompted to make one.

  3. Custom attributes can be found in the Other category. Load or refresh the full list by clicking on the download arrow.

Reload selected on-prem groups

Retrieve fresh information on only the groups you have selected.

Select on-prem group attributes list and load

Modify your current selection and load it.

Sync cloud/on-premises

Force sync AD DS and Azure AD directly from sapio365 from this option. Click here for more details on this feature.

Manage group members on-prem or in the cloud

Use the ‘Members’ button on the far right to manage the members of on-prem only or synced groups.

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