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Manage sapio365 Access and Restrictions

In this section, you will be able to delegate access to the sapio365 RBAC configuration, User Activity Logs, Comments management, and sapio365 Access & Restrictions section itself. This configuration is stored in a local encrypted database on your machine.

If your current license is linked to Cosmos DB or to your SQL server, you can delegate sapio365 access on individual workstations.

sapio365 Access and Restrictions

Assign users to sapio365 administration roles to manage all or some collaborative parts of sapio365 in the ‘sapio365 Access & Restrictions’ section in the back of the main sapio365 window.

Global admins automatically have access to sapio365’s:

  • User Activity Logs

  • Comment History

  • RBAC - Configuration

  • sapio365 Access & Restrictions

Administration Role


General Manager (sapio365)

Able to use sapio365 like a Global Administrator regarding RBAC, activity logs, and comment management.

RBAC Configuration Manager

Able to set/edit RBAC configuration.

Activity Logs Manager

Able to access all user activity logs.

Comments Manager

Able to edit all comments.

Enforced logout

Will be automatically logged out of all sapio365 sessions upon exit.

This is not an admin role per say. Assigning users to this role results in automatically signing out these users from their sapio365 sessions when they use any sapio365 RBAC role.

Access App sessions

Able to create and use sapio365 App sessions.

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