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Save grid as Snapshot or Restore Point

Snapshots in sapio365 are saved stills of the grid at one point in time. They allow you to save your current data set and grid configuration as a file. A Snapshot can be shared and read by others, but will not allow modifications to be saved to the server.

Restore Points in sapio365 are editable Snapshots.

Share Snapshots as reports

Send Snapshot files as reports instead of exporting to Excel or CSV. The recipient can load it in sapio365 (no license necessary) without logging in. They can re-organize the data using sapio365’s powerful grid tools without affecting the data.

Make Restore Points part of an approval flow

Apply changes in the grid and save it as a Restore Point. Send the file to an approver or admin who has the rights to save changes in Microsoft 365 or on the local AD.

What you can do


Restore Points

Password protection option

Include visible permanent comments

Do NOT include hidden columns option

always included

Do NOT include hidden rows option

always included

Load without logging in option

requires login

Include Status column values (marked for change)

Navigate to other views after loading

Make and save changes after loading

Save a Snapshot or Restore Point

Every view with a grid includes buttons in the ribbon to create a Snapshot or Restore Point.

1 - You can select some options to limit the data to include or to restrict access.

2 - You’ll be given a confirmation and options to go to the saved file.

Load a Snapshot or Restore Point

You can load a Snapshot or Restore Point file from the ribbon in Main window.

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