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Transfer data to other devices

If you want to use sapio365 on another computer but want to avoid re-creating all your sessions, you can use 'Transfer sapio365 data' feature in Preferences.

This will export data used for:

  • Sessions

  • RBAC

  • Views

  • Jobs

  • Comments

  • User Activity Logs

  • Multi-tenant

  • Preferences

You must create a password for the exported file to secure confidential information.

Export sapio365 data

In Preferences, click on 'Transfer sapio365 data':

  1. Click Export.

  2. Add a password.

  3. Choose which data you want to export.

  1. Save the file and transfer to a flash drive.


Import sapio365 data

Install sapio365 on your new computer and add the exported file to your desktop.

In Preferences, click on 'Transfer sapio365 data':

  1. Click Import.

  2. If you had generated any sapio365 data (ex. session data), it will be overwritten. Click OK.

  3. Select the file to import.

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Restart sapio365.


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