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ACL Group Expander

The ACL panel in scanEZ offers the option of displaying nested ACL groups.
These options are selected by clicking the button near the top of the ACL panel.

Menu Options:

  • Expand Nested Groups will display all group members in the grid and two new columns will appear. With this mode on, the grid is transformed, instead of each entry referring to an ACL entry, they are now referring to actual users / servers that have access to the Database - whether through Person, or Group type ACLs. While the Name column still shows the ACL Entry name, the Members column will show you each entry that has access to the DB through the ACL Entry shown in the Name column, and the Hierarchy column will tell you where the member stands in a multi-level group.

  • Expand Groups (Top-level only) is exactly the same as Expand Nested Groups except it only displays the top-level of the group's hierarchy.
  • Expand None is the default setting. When this is selected, the Members and Hierarchy columns do not appear and nested group members aren't listed in the grid.
  • Save Current Selection As Default will write your group expansion preference to the 'YtriaGroupExpanderDepth' Notes.ini entry.
  • Select NAB for Group member listings.. allows you to select the NAB to be searched by the NAB Group Navigator
  • Check Presence in NAB option checks if an ACL entry is present in the NAB. When enabled, this feature will display red cells to indicate that those entries were NOT found in the current NAB.
    In addition, a flag will mark these entries in the 'Is Name in NAB' Column. Grouping by this column will therefore display ALL these invalid ACL Entries and/or users on your server at once.

When the Expand None option is chosen, all ACL entries in the Name column will be checked against the selected NAB(s), but with the Expand Nested Groups option it is the Members column that will be checked. This means it's not invalid ACL entries, but actual group members (i.e. users / servers in a group that have no record in the selected NAB(s)) that will be checked.
This is a powerful tool all on its own. Detailed information can be found on the scanEZ's NAB Presence Checker page.

  • Select NAB for Check Presence...allows you to select any NAB you'd like to analyse for the Presence Checker. (Beware this is not referencing the same NAB as the one set in the scanEZ's NAB Group Navigator (Tools menu)
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