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Changing the Replica ID in scanEZ

Changing the Replica ID of a Database

When you select a database in the scanEZ Selection Tree, you will find its ReplicaID at the bottom of the Database Panel:

Changing the ReplicaID of a database can help you to break or restore a replication link with another database.
scanEZ allows you to do this using the following methods:

  • Manually change the ReplicaID by entering a new value in the field. Be aware that the ReplicaID must contain exactly 16 hexadecimal characters.
  • Use the Create new button to generate a new ReplicaID. This new hexadecimal value is unique as it is built upon the current date / time when you have clicked the button.
  • Use the Copy / Paste button to replace the ReplicaID and repair any database's broken replicas.

After changing the ReplicaID of the database, click the Save button to validate or Cancel your changes,
If you forget this step, you will be prompted to save or discard your changes when you exit the Database Panel.

NOTEReplication history consideration:

The Replication history is only created or updated when a replication occurs.

This means that the Replication history will not be affected by a ReplicaID change.
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