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Create / Delete a Document

You can easily create and/or delete documents with scanEZ.

Document Creation

It is not required to select the document category in the Selection Tree to add a new document, this can be done from any place in scanEZ.

There are 3 ways to crete a new document :

  • The Create a new Document button 
     in the toolbar
  • Ctrl + N
  • In the menu Document > New Document

A dialog box opens in which you enter the form name for the new document.

The new document is instantly created with two fields : $UpdatedBy and Form.

You can create as many additional fields as required. See Viewing and Editing Data for more details.


Use the "Compute" function to create all the other fields of your document, according to its form.

Document deletion

To delete one or more documents, select it/them in the Selection Tree and click Del. or the Delete button 

 from the toolbar.

A confirmation window always pops up before deleting the documents. You can also choose to delete all related responses and sub-responses at the same time.

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