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Viewing and Editing Data

As seen in the image below, when you select a document, its contents will automatically be displayed for
you. You can sort the columns, use a field as a title use a field as a title and directly edit the field. No programming is required, to achieve all these changes.

Editing a field

  • Select an item in the Selection Tree
  • Select a field to be edited
  • Edit the field directly in the bottom panel
  • Click OK, or Ctrl +S then click 
     in the toolbar to save the document.

Adding a new empty field

  • Select an item in the Selection Tree
  • Click 
     in the toolbar to add a new empty field

The New Item dialog box opens :

  • Choose the type of the new field,
  • Enter its name and value(s).
  • For list fields, you can choose any separator from the list and choose to apply a specific action: Sort, Trim or Unique

The following separators are available to select :

  • You can enter any formula with the formula button: 
     to generate a value from it.
  • Click OK, then click 
     to save your document.

Adding a new field (inheriting from an existing field)

  • Select an item in the Selection Tree.
  • Select a field in the right panel.
  • Click 
     in the toolbar to create a new field inheriting from the one you selected.
  • The "New Item" dialog opens, already filled with the information of the original field.
  • Make any change to this new field , (at least rename it).
  • Click OK, then click 
     to save your document
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