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Import / Export ACL

The ACL panel in scanEZ lets you import an Access Control List from another database to the current one or export the current ACL to another database.

In order to be able to perform these operations you need to have Manager access on the target databases, or work on local databases.

Importing ACLs

  1. Use the Import ACL from... button to apply another database's ACL to the current one.
  2. Choose a server in the resulting Import ACL from... window
  3. In the same window, choose a source database to import ACL information from.
  4. Click OK

Exporting ACLs

  1. Use the Export ACL to... button to export the current database's ACL and apply it another database.
  2. Choose a server in the resulting Export ACL to... window
  3. In the same window, choose a destination database to export ACL information to.
  4. Click OK


The database selection dialog box is the same as the one scanEZ uses for opening a database: it is resizable and displays title/name of all available files (even templates).

Export to File...
The Export to File... button in scanEZ's ACL panel lets you export the information you see in the grid to either an HTML or text file for external analysis. This option works in the same manner as many other Ytria products' Export function. One special note: the Export ACL Flags and Roles to File option will export the information displayed when Show Flags is selected plus the information displayed when Show Roles is selected.

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