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Rename field(s)

Ytria scanEZ lets you rename selected fields in a Diff panel document selection (such as a folder or a My Selection virtual folder). If your selection contains documents that do not contain the original field that you're renaming, scanEZ will only update the existing fields (i.e. it will not create new fields with this option).

Follow these steps to rename fields :

  • Select a document collection in the Selection Tree, the Diff Panel should then appear.
  • Select the field(s) you want to rename. (Hold the Shift or Ctrl key for multiple selections if needed)
  • Click the Rename button at the top of the Diff panel
  • The name(s) of the field(s) appear(s), separated by a ";" if more than 1 fields are selected.
  • Type the new name(s) separated by a ";" for multiple fields

  • Click OK

The Rename Fields option in scanEZ will not prevent you from using the same field name twice. For example, imagine you had a document with 3 fields: A, B and C. If you wanted to change the name of A to B, scanEZ would let you do so.The field name B will then appear twice.

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