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Select All With Identical Displayed Title

The Select All with Identical Displayed Title command in scanEZ's Checkbox Selection menu lets you quickly make a checkbox selection of items with the same displayed titles.

Select All with Identical Displayed Title dialog options

    • Across all categories: This will select all duplicates under any category or subcategories you have in focus in the Selection Tree.

      • Within same categories: This is a faster option. It will only select duplicates within the current category. For example if a displayed title exists more than once, but only once per category, then nothing will be selected.

        • Select first match(es) only: This option means that scanEZ will select only the first encountered example of multiple documents with identical displayed titles.
        • Skip first match(es): This option is the opposite of 'Select first match(es) only' -- it will leave the first encountered documents with identical displayed titles un-selected, while selecting the rest of the duplicates.
        • Case Sensitive: This is de-selected by default. If this checkbox is ticked the Select All with Identical Displayed Title function will be case sensitive.

        By default, scanEZ uses the form name as the displayed title in the selection tree. But if you'd rather use another field's value or a computed formula as the displayed title just click the Change Displayed Title button. 

        Click here to read more about this feature.

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