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Server Batch Database information in signEZ

The signEZ Server Batch database is intended for use in instances where very large numbers of databases must be processed (i.e. signed or audited) in a single operation. In contrast with the main signEZ database, this database reads directories recursively (ie it reads subdirectories).

You can download a copy of the signEZ Server Batch database by clicking the following link:
Download the signEZ Server Batch database.

Using the signEZ Server Batch database

Step 1: Create one-or-several Server Batch documents in this database, choosing the server and the databases you want to work on.

Step 2: Select one-or-several Server Batch documents in the present view and click either Process doc(s) with current ID or Process doc(s) with another ID.

This will create a new JOBBER document in the signEZ database for each document selected in the present view, and then execute it.

The Process doc(s) button will ask you to select an existing Saved Settings document* (also referred to as a signature settings BATCH document) from the current signEZ database. The Saved Settings document will determine the type of process to use (signing or auditing) plus any other applicable settings.

*If you don't currently have any saved settings documents available in the main signEZ database, simply go to this signEZ database and create a "dummy" saved settings doc to use as a template.

TIPThe design of the signEZ Server Batch Database is not hidden, therefore it can be easily customized in Domino Designer if your organization requires a more tailored solution.

The signEZ Server Batch database

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