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Sign with a Stored ID

The ability to store an ID file is one of signEZ's most powerful features. Once an ID file is stored, it will be available (for signing purposes only) to users whom you give access and permission.

In essence the Sign using stored ID file feature in signEZ allows administrators to delegate the signing of design elements without giving away the ID's password. You can place strict controls on how this ID will be used by specifying who may use it and on what databases those users may sign with it. You can also force a log of a stored signing ID's activity.

This feature in no way circumvents Lotus Notes security so be mindful of the fact that stored ID must have access to the signEZ database, and must be cross certified where necessary.

There are three buttons associated with this option :

Information about the currently selected stored ID: the user who stored it, when it was stored, which encryption key was used (if any), etc.

Store as many IDs as you want in the signEZ database. You will be able to choose which users will have access to that ID, and be able to select the databases on which the ID can be applied to.

Delete Stored ID

Delete the currently selected ID.

Plus there's the ID Reference pull-down menu where you can select the active stored ID file. This menu is handy if wish to store several ID and need to quickly switch between them.


Only the author of the stored ID can delete it after it is stored.

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