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Formula Compare Method

Before comparing, the formulas are converted to their most basic form. This conversion will affect the original formula in the following ways :

  1. All REMs are removed
  2. All white spaces are trimmed
  3. All CRs are removed (New line and returns)
  4. All diacritics (accents) are removed
  5. Everything is converted to UPPERCASE
  6. Builds a field list used in the formula

Original formulaREM {the following is for alternate name support};
CNFrom := @Name([CN]; From);
CNAltFrom := @Name([CN]; AltFrom);
Alternatename := @If(AltFrom != "" & AltFrom != From; " [" + CNAltFrom + "]"; "");

@If(readers!= "";"PRIVATE: ";
ExpireDate !="";"EXPIRED: ";
"") +
@If(Subject = ""; "Untitled"; Subject) + " (" + CNFrom + Alternatename + ")"
Simplified formula for comparing
(all on one line)
Fields found5
From, AltFrom, readers, ExpireDate, Subject
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