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Programmatic Name in View Columns

Lotus Notes programmatic name rule

By default, Lotus Notes sets the programmatic name of a column as $# where # is any integer value. This value is stored in a counter in the view and each time you add a column or change the column formula, Lotus Notes incrementally increases the counter value and sets a new programmatic name with this value to the new or modified column to force the index to rebuild itself.

There are 2 exceptions to this rule :
1. If the column formula is a field, the field name will be used as programmatic name
2. If the name is set manually (i.e.: MyColumn) Lotus Notes won't change this value

Force Name

If Force Name is not checked, the programmatic name will be regenerated if the column formula is changed according to the standard programmatic name rule. If it is checked, the standard programmatic name rule will be bypassed and the name specified will be used.

Reset Programmatic Name

When you use the Reset Programmatic Name command, viewEZ will reset the programmatic name counter in the view and reassign new $# to the view columns according to the previously mentioned rule. However, if you check the Force Name option in the column properties you can bypass the rule and force your own $#.


Before resetAfter reset
Column A$10$1
Column B$142$2
Column CFormForm
Column DMyColumnMyColumn
Column E
(Force name)
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