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The Roles Grid in aclEZ

The Roles Panel

The Roles panel shows all the roles present in the databases selected in the Databases Panel.

When you select an entry in the Main Grid the associated name will be added to the Roles panel grid as a column. This will indicate if a given role is enabled for the name with a checkbox. If the box is checked, the role is enabled. If it is unchecked, it is disabled.

Grid right-click options - Tools and Columns

  • New Role(s): This opens a dialog box where you can define a new role or new roles.
  • Rename Role(s): This opens a dialog box where you can rename a role or several roles.
  • Delete Role(s): This command lets you delete the selected roles.
  • Enable roles for all available entries: Enabled currently selected roles on all available names shown in the Roles panel.
  • Uncheck All Roles On Selected Rows: Disables currently selected roles on all available names shown in the Roles panel.
  • Uncheck Databases For Selected Entries: This command will remove a selected database from the ACL grid and the Roles panel.
  • Uncheck Databases For Entries Not Selected: This command will remove the non-selected database(s) from the ACL grid and the Roles panel.

More information about Grid Tools and Options is here.

The Roles grid includes the following columns:

Default Enabled



This field will stay empty unless you make any change like modify, delete, save ...
You will see icons like the following:

Your changes won't be written to the server until you click Server > Apply Changes (Ctrl + S) or right-click and choose Apply Changes to Selection in the contextual menu.
Therefore you can always check your modifications before making them permanent.

Default Enabled

Database Title


Displays the name of the Domino database.
Database Path


Path of the Domino database. The root correspond to the notes data directory.
Database File


Displays the database's file name (e.g: names.nsf).
Domino Server Name.

Default Enabled



Displays the name of a role. Whenever a database has no roles defined, you will see 'No Role Defined' under this column.

Default Enabled

Selected Main Grid Columns

Enable when selected in the Main Grid.

Add one column per ACL Name selected.

More information about Grid Columns is here.

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