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Add Custom Column

Tag: AddCustomColumn

The AddCustomColumn action, along with the applicable SetParam child actions, lets you automate the process of adding custom columns in the 'Values' dialog, launched by the 'Add Column' button in the UI.

Detailed Description

Field and Value SetParam actions:

  • Field="TitleOptionFieldName":Use this attribute withField="TitleOptionType" Value="Field"
  • Field="FieldAttribute": Use this attribute with Field="TitleOptionType" Value="Field"
  • Field="TitleOptionFormula": Use this attribute withField="TitleOptionType" Value="Formula"
  • Field="TitleOptionColumnName": Use this attribute withField="TitleOptionType" Value="Column"
  • Field="TitleOptionSystem": Use this attribute with Field="TitleOptionType" Value="System"

The added column will not populate unless the sub-action Evaluate is used at the end of the Values script block.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
NameUser definable

N/A Required

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue Description





Title options as found in My Selection dialog - Required

Is Encrypted

Is Protected

Is Signed

Is Summary

Modification Date


Number of Values

Sequence Number

Size (bytes)



Name of item property (normally displayed in the main panel of scanEZ) - (See detailed description)
TitleOptionFieldNameName of field to be usedName as shown in the second list in the Field info/value Displayed Title - (See detailed description)
TitleOptionFormulaUser defined

N/A - (See detailed description)

TitleOptionColumnNameColumn header name as shown in UI

N/A - (See detailed description)

TitleOptionSystemAccessed (In this file)

Added (In this file)

Created (Initially)

Created By


Modified (Initially)

Modified By

Modified in this file

Note Class

NoteID (Decimal)

NoteID (Hexadecimal)

Number of items in Document

Sequence Number



Example Scripts

	<load server="ACME01/ACME" database="Mailtest.nsf"/>
	<focus target="tree" category="Documents" type="Memo"/>
	<Values KeepAlive="false">
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="Form"/>
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="From"/>
		<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="DeliveredDate"/>
		<ShowTypeColumns value="false"/>
		<AddCustomColumn Name="Created By">
			<SetParam Field="TitleOptionType" Value="System"/>
			<SetParam Field="TitleOptionSystem" Value="Created By"/>
			<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:scanEZ-Values.html"/>
			<SetParam field="ExportType" value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam field="SelectedRowsOnly" value="False"/>

In the script above, the database "Mailtest.nsf" will be loaded into scanEZ and the selection tree focus will be placed on the document category "Memo". The 'Values' operation will be launched on these documents and the Values grid columns will be set to the Items "Form", "From", and "Delivered Date". The AddCustomColumn block will then add a column using information found in the Note Info value "Created By" for its entries. The custom column will then populate with the individual values of this Note information. All rows within this grid will then be exported to an HTML file, and the Values dialog will close.

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