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ImportExcelInGrid: import data from a Excel or CSV file

Tag: ImportExcelInGrid

The ImportExcelInGrid action uses a file as input to insert its content in a grid.

Detailed Description

When an Excel/CSV file and a grid can be matched through key columns, eg. an email column in the file and an email column in the grid, each column of the file can be inserted as a column in the grid.

These columns are volatile and disappear when the module containing the grid is closed..

Once inserted, the new grid columns may be processed like any other column (sorting, grouping, export…).

Tag Attributes




The corresponding Grid Code

Sets the target grid panel. Not Required

If no target is set, the default main grid target will be used.


Name of the column from the file to use as the key that connects the data in the file with the data in the grid. Required


Unique ID of the column from the grid as shown in the Grid Manager to use as the key that connects the data in the file with the data in the grid. Required


Full or relative (to the current automation script) path of the file to import. Required


If a cell value represents a list and this list is to be inserted as a multi-value field in the grid, this parameter is used to separate each element in the list. Not Required

The selection of the file columns to import is made through one or several SetParam actions set as children of the ImportExcelInGrid action.

SetParam Tag Attributes




File Column name. Required


Unique ID for the grid column that will contain the imported data of the file column set in Value. Required.

This UID is then automatically prefixed with the text: _IMPORTED_


Title of the imported grid column. Not Required

If not set, the title from the file is used.

Example Script

		<Select lines='all'/>
		<ImportExcelInGrid ImportKey='Name' GridKeyUID='userPrincipalName' Filepath='D:\dev\Temp_XML\USERPROJECTS.xlsx'>
            <SetParam Value='Project' ColumnID='ProjectXL'/>
            <SetParam Value='Score' ColumnID='ScoreXL'/>

This script matches the grid column with UID userPrincipalName to the file column titled Name and imports the two columns Project with original title and UID _IMPORTED_ProjectXL, and Score with original title and UID _IMPORTED_ScoreXL.

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