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Comparator: Launch Data Comparison

Tag: Comparator

The Comparator tag lets you automate the FlexyView integrated Data Comparator tool.

<Comparator FilePath="databaseEZ-comparator-setup.xml"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
Applicable Grid Code

N/A - Not RequiredIf no target is set, this will default to the main grid.

FilePathUser definableThe file path to the previously saved Comparator configuration XML file - Required
RemoveRows, Columns, AllRemove all 'Not Present' Family Member entries from the grid.

Remove all comparison results columns / Remove both

Attributes cannot be combined, only one can be chosen at a timeā€”see detailed description

SetParam Options

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
ModifiedAfterUser definableA date using standard YYYY-MM-DD format

Detailed Description

The comparator configuration can be loaded via a file, or imported directly into the script, 

When using the attribute FilePath to retrieve incoming files, it will validate if both the folder path is correct and that the file itself exists.

<Comparator FilePath="databaseEZ-comparator-setup.xm>

Example Script

	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" Select="True"/>
	<Comparator FilePath="C:\comparator_config.xml"/>

In the script above, the entire server "ACME01/ACME" will be loaded into the database tree; all databases will be selected and loaded into the main grid. The action 'Comparator' will trigger the retrieval of the saved Data Comparator configuration file "comparator_config.xml" and run a data comparison, of the data in the main grid, based on this configuration.

Tag: SetGridComparatorDefault

Use the SetGridComparatorDefault tag inside the Comparator tag to load the configuration directly from the script.

The content of a file generated by the Comparator dialog can be reused directly.

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
		<AddColumn ColumnID="membershipType" Title="Membership Type" Type="C2C"/>
		<AddColumn ColumnID="displayName" Title="Group Display Name" Type="PK"/>
		<AddColumn ColumnID="memberDisplayName" Title="Member Display Name" Type="SK"/>
		<SetColor Different="3684607" Equals="40479" Missing="906204" Unwanted="14779416"/>
		<Option PresenceOnly="False" Reference="0" RowPK="|*pk*|id|*==*|7d1ee427-3ec5-4247-8b95-e0e45c389a41|*pk*||*==*|" ShowFamilies="True" ShowHidden="False" Verbose="False" WYSIWYG="True"/>

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