Tag: PostReplicationAudit

The PostReplicationAudit, action accompanied with a SetParam date option, lets you automation the Post-Replication Auditor tool.

	<SetParam Field="ModifiedAfter" Value="17-10-2015T20:00:00"/>

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue DescriptionComment
ModifiedAfterUser definableDate or Date/Time in compatible YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss24 hr formatMandatory

Sub Actions

Tag: RunAudit

The sub action RunAudit emulates clicking the 'Audit' button in the Post-Replication Auditor; it is a mandatory action to carry out the audit proposed in the SetParam option.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment


The audit modeNot Mandatory - default is 'Ghosts'

A MySelection action script block can be nested within this action block to add selections to a virtual My Selection folder.

Example Script

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="scanEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5.0" Version="1.0">
	<Load Server="ACME01/ACME" database="mail\daltmann.nsf"/>
		<SetParam Field="ModifiedAfter" Value="2015-10-17T20:00:00"/>
		<RunAudit Select="All"/>
		<Select Lines="All"/>
				<SetParam field="FilePath" value="C:\quick-export.html"/>
				<SetParam field="ExportType" value="HTML"/>
				<SetParam field="FileOutput" value="Unicode"/>
				<SetParam field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" value="true"/>

In script above, the action PostReplicationAudit will set the Post-Replication Auditor to audit the database 'dbtestrepl\Helptest.nsf' and find all documents that were modified after 10:00:00 PM on 10-17-2015. The RunAudit action will launch the audit itself. The results of this audit will be exported from the Post-Replication Auditor grid to an HTML file.