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SelectColumn: Set Focus on Column

Tag: SelectColumn

The SelectColumn action will emulate selecting the column in a grid.

Detailed Description

It is necessary to giving focus to a column before automating functions in the grid that operate from a column perspective.

The action SelectColumn generally uses only two attributes: Target and ColumnID.

Due to the nature of consoleEZ, it is possible to have multiple grids and consoles open at once.

The way to reference a specific grid when using either the Log Analyzer or the Volume Analyzer (Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer") is through two attributes:

      1. Server: this is the name as found in the 'Select server' list of the 'Open Server' dialog
      2. Index this is the console window index number

        <SelectColumn target="VolumeAnalyzer" server="Acme01/ACME" index="1" columnID="B2">

      The script above will select the second column on the [1] Volume Analyzer grid for the server 'Acme01/ACME'.

      Tag Attributes

      AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
      Applicable Grid Code

      Sets the target grid to carry out the action on - Required

      If no target is set, the target will default to the main grid (for products containing a main grid).

      ColumnIDApplicable Column ID in the Grid ManagerSets the column to carry the action out on - Required
      ServerUser defined

      Name as found in the 'Select server' list of the 'Open Server' dialog - Required for 


      IndexPositive integer

      Console window index number - Required for 


      Example Script

      <SelectColumn columnID="displayName"/>

      In this example, finding duplicate values in a column requires to select the column first.

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