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Suspend Grid Redraw

Tag: SuspendRedraw

The self-closing tag SuspendRedraw emulates the selection of the Suspend Grid Redraw option, which pauses grid updates when set, and trigger a grid update when unset.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
TargetApplicable Grid CodeSets the target grid to carry out the action on - Optional  (defaults to the main grid in the current module)
ValueTrue / Falseset to True to engage the action - Optional  (defaults to True)
ServerAbbreviated server names (separated by comma)

N/A - Only applicable in consoleEZ (See detailed description)

IndexPositive integerWindow index number - Only applicable in consoleEZ (See detailed description)

Detailed Description

When engaging the SuspendRedraw action, a <SuspendRedraw="True"/> must come in tandem with a <SuspendRedraw="False"/> line in order to let the grid update; the grid will only update once the <SuspendRedraw="False"/> is encountered in the script.

The Server attribute is only applicable to consoleEZ, in which case it will be required for Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer".

The Index attribute is also only used in consoleEZ and is required when using Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer", it is the value found on the Log Analyzer and Volume Analyzer windows.

Example Script

	<GroupBy ColumnID="D1"/>
	<GroupBy ColumnID="D5"/>
	<Filter columnID="D2" Mode="Contains" Text=".nsf"/>
	<Sort columnID="I27" ascending="false"/>
	<SuspendRedraw value="false"/>

In the script above, the SuspendRedraw action is engaged, then the script carries out four successive grid actions. The grid will update with the resulting configuration only after the action <SuspendRedraw value="false"/> is encountered in the script.

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