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Product installation (full suite)

From version 20 onward, installation of EZ Suite tools is done with the EZ Suite installation database. You can choose which tools you want to install during the installation process.

Install EZ Suite tools

1 - Download: To begin your download, click on EZ Suite Complete product download link and save it (a .zip file) to your computer. (All Ytria's software installer files are available on the download page of our website)

2 - Unzip: Unzip the file you just downloaded and save the uncompressed YtriaEZSuite.nsf file to a folder of your choice. We strongly recommended that you use your local Notes Data directory.

Important for designPropEZ and signEZ

If your Ytria software was installed using the EZ Suite Installer, please note that the YtriaEZsuite.nsf file serves as the database for both designPropEZ and signEZ, and thus should not be deleted if you'd like to use those tools.

For all other tools, you may delete their respective .nsf files after they have been properly installed.

3 - Open database: In your Notes client open the YtriaEZSuite.nsf database. In the 'About screen' that appears, click the Install button and follow the onscreen instructions to install your Ytria software.

4 - After clicking on the Install button, add a checkbox for the tools you want to install and click on OK

If you previously installed one of Ytria's product on another Notes client present on the same computer, a second section will be shown in the dialog (highlighted on the screenshot). This lets you update all your Notes client at once. The checkbox on the top left will select all the tools. Or you can manually select individual tools in the list.

5 - Read the agreement and check I agree...then click OK.


6 - When installation is complete click OK.

7 - Run the software from the toolbar buttons. To make it visible go to: File > Preferences > Toolbar preferences > Toolbars Tab and select the Ytria toolbar. Refresh the toolbar if it does not appear. If you still cannot see it, follow the troubleshooting steps on this page to create it manually.

Buttons look like this: 


8 - Register: Register your software and enter the license key that we will send to you by email (a valid email address is required during registration, otherwise you will not receive your key!)

Additional installation tips

*It is more convenient to start with a "fresh" Notes client. After opening your Notes client, (without doing anything else) proceed directly to the YtriaEZSuite.nsf database, open it, and then click the "Begin Installation" button. The reason for this precaution is that if you have been using any Ytria products during a session, certain .dll files might be loaded into memory and may fail to be updated during an installation. By not using any tools during a session, you can install all our products one after another, and then close Notes just once for the installation settings to take effect.

The Install button

Clicking this button is the most common way to install Ytria products.

Sign this database with your current ID button

If the need ever arises, you can use the "Sign this database with your current ID" button to sign the database with your ID (or a general authorized ID, if installation database is on a server) to avoid all the security alerts (i.e. ECL and cross certification alerts).

Force re-install all files

Normally you will not need to use this option (located in the Ytria Support submenu), and the installation process will update what needs to be updated, typically .exe files. Selecting this option will replace any existing files with ones provided by the installation database, (even if the files you are installing are older than those you're replacing). Keep in mind that the install process must have free access to the ndbytria.dll and scanezmulti.dll (if they are already loaded into memory), then the process cannot access the files, this could happen if you clicked a Ytria toolbar, or using the Multi-Selection Installation option in scanEZ.

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