The Choose Servers Dialog

The Choose Servers dialog is used to add or remove the servers listed in replicationEZ's Databases Panel.

Add or Remove Servers

  • To add servers: Select servers from the Available Servers list, and click Add. (Simply double-clicking a name in this list will do the same).
    You can select multiple servers at a time by using Ctrl + Click.
    If the desired server is not listed under this section, click Other for a dialog that lets you to add additional servers.
    You can find more information about selecting servers on this page.

  • To remove servers: Select any servers you wish to remove from the Servers Added list and click Remove. (Simply double-clicking a name in this list will do the same)..
    You can select multiple servers at once by using Ctrl + Click.
  • To apply your changes: You can verify which servers are currently loaded as well, as those waiting to be loaded, in the bottom section labelled: Servers in Databases panel (tree).
    To apply your changes click OK .

In the case of a partially loaded server.

You can Fully Load the 'Partially Loaded' server by selecting it in the Available Servers, and then adding it to the Servers Added list.

Notice how the server mode changes in the Servers Added list.
Now click OK to make it appear 'Fully Loaded' in the selection tree.

Also, if you Remove the 'Partially Loaded' server from the Servers Added list, its mode will change in the Available Servers list.