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All Jobs

'All Jobs' lists the complete Automated Jobs Library, a repository of automated tasks that you can run or schedule to run.

Every feature in sapio365 can be automated. Jobs are automated reports or tasks created by Ytria.

Switching over to the complete collection of automated tasks and reports, or Automation Jobs Library (AJL), you have several ways to find the solution you need (refer to the image that follows).

If you have a sapio365 AJL license, jobs that are not available to you are shown as greyed out.

To add or remove a job to your AJL license, right-click on the job and click on the option you need.





Start typing here to search for solutions using corresponding keywords.


Solution filters

Check categories to limit to those jobs only. Unselect them all to restore all available jobs.


Scope & type filters

Narrow down jobs with job type filters (charts, view, searches, edits). Selecting these filters hides all the jobs that do not fall under those in dark blue. Select them all to restore all available jobs.



This area shows all the available jobs in the AJL.

  • Click on a Job to execute it

  • Click on the star icon to add the job to your Favourites

  • Click on the three dots to schedule the Job or to get more details



Send feedback using this button - suggest a new job or comment on the interface.

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