Installation guide

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What are the steps to get sapio365 up and running

There are three steps:

1 - Download: Download the latest version of sapio365 here.

2 - Install: Install the sapio365 application on your device. 

[Note: if you have purchased a license code you may enter it here as well. However this is not necessary to use the free trial version. Otherwise you may enter your 30 digit license code at any time in the product settings.] 

3 - Register: Launch sapio365 and it will ask you to register a valid account. This is a one-time registration. Please make sure that you use a valid email address. You will immediately be emailed your 5 digit AVN number, which you then paste in the same dialog within sapio365. This creates a valid account for you on Ytria's server.

This completes the process. You are ready to explore your Microsoft 365 tenant.

System requirements

sapio365 runs on Windows 7 or later. It is recommended that you have at least the following:

– Free space: 200 MB on your destination drive
– RAM: As much as possible*
– CPU: As fast as possible*

*sapio365 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and is subject to certain constraints:
The 32-bit version is limited to the memory usage limitations inherent to 32-bit.
The 64-bit version will make use of the full capacity of your system.

Your License code and AVN (Account Verification Number) explained

1- License code:

If you purchased a sapio365 license, you were sent a license code. You can enter the license code during registration or later within the application.

Your license code is 30 digits; it is what you purchased to unlock the actual sapio365 application on your device.

Your license code looks like this:

Note: Once installed, you will still need to register a valid account on

2- AVN (Account Verification Number):

Your AVN is 5 digits and verifies the registration of your account on Ytria's server.

Your AVN looks like this:

Note: This is NOT the same as your license code (see above). Your AVN will verify your account on and complete your registration. To use sapio365, still need to install it on your device.