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Installation guide and troubleshooting

Run sapio365

There are three steps:

Step 1 - Download: Download the latest version of sapio365 here.

Step 2 - Install: Execute the .exe file to install the sapio365 application on your device. 

If you have a sapio365 license code, you may enter it here or you may enter it at any time in the product settings.

Without a license code, sapio365 can only be used in a limited "Lite" mode, where only the "My Data" section is functional.

Step 3 - Register: Launch sapio365 and it will ask you to register a valid account. This is a one-time registration. Please make sure that you use a valid email address. You will immediately be emailed your 5 digit AVN number, which you then paste in the same dialog within sapio365. This creates a valid account for you on Ytria's server.

This completes the process. You are ready to explore your Microsoft 365 tenant.

System requirements

sapio365 is a desktop application that requires Windows 7 or later to run. More details on this page.

MAC users can install sapio365 on a virtual machine like Parallels or VMware as long as the minimum requirements are met.

Install on several devices using AVN

Use the AVN code sent to you during registration to re-install sapio365 or to install it on new devices. More details on this page.

Manage your sapio365 license

In order to have a fully functional sapio365 you need to enter a license code in the product. Follow these simple steps.

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