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Multi Selection Features

The Multi Selection feature lets you select more than one document in a Notes database view or folder before launching scanEZ. This will put the selected documents in the current My Selection virtual folder once scanEZ is open.

There are three ways to open selected documents in scanEZ from a Notes view or folder :

  • with the Multi Selection Add-on for your Notes client's Actions menu (scanezmulti.dll)
  • with an agent in a database (scanEZMulti)
  • the scanEZ Extension Database

See: Multi Selection Installation for more information about the Multi Selection Add-on action.

How to use

  • Select your document(s) in your Notes client
  • Go to Actions > Open selected document(s) in scanEZ... or Actions > Open selected document(s) in scanEZ...[Agent]

scanEZ will put your documents in the current My Selection.


If a scanEZ session was already opened, scanEZ will check if it is with the same database. If yes it will put the document(s) in the current My Selection of the same scanEZ session.

If your session of scanEZ is opened with a different database, it will automatically launch another session and put the selected document(s) in a new My Selection.


If you don't want scanEZ to put your new selection in the same scanEZ session, you need to keep it "busy" with any dialog box (for instance, Open a database, Document Analyzer, etc.).

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