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Audit options

The Settings tab in signEZ groups preferences that affect auditing under the Audit Options heading. These options are only available when the Audit action radio button is selected in the Action section of the Settings tab.

Save audit results in Log database

Creates a log document in the signEZ database. If a design element is ignored because of one your Audit options settings, it will not be logged.

When this option is checked, you will be able to select a database in which the log data will be saved.

Audit my design elementsIf you select this option, the elements already signed by you (or a specific ID) will be included in the audit.

Note : The audit is performed with the ID specified in the Sign Using tab. So, if you select this option and choose Sign with a stored ID or Sign with another ID in the 3rd tab, signEZ will audit design elements signed by this specific ID rather than those signed by your current ID.
Ignore the following signaturesYou can choose to ignore certain signatures for the audit. If the Load Signatures option in the Display menu is disabled, click on the Load button to display the signatures. You can now check the signatures you wish to ignore.
Process Unsigned Elements
(in Display options menu)
Use this option to force the audit of unsigned elements.

This option is only available if you checked the Display All design elements option in the Display options menu.
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