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Column Display Options

Ytria viewEZ lets you see and analyze all the columns in your views and folders at the same time.

To customize the display, you can use the following options in the Options menu :

  • Position
  • Title
  • Shared Column Alias
  • With
  • Totals
  • Re-sort
  • Justification
  • Fonts
  • Programmatic Name
  • Formula
  • Is Editable?
  • Is Show Links?
  • Number of Shared Columns
Display the column property by that name (which are the main properties of an column).

The property will be displayed only if it is checked.

The following cell displays all the information :
Color SchemeColumns are displayed with a color-coded legend.

The legend for the currently-active scheme appears at the bottom of the window.
Reset Grid SizeReset the initial size of the grid table.
Customize Order...Customize the order of views in the display and can also select which view to display or not.
Generate Preview of selected ViewGenerate a preview of the selected view in a preview database.
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