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Log Analyzers in consoleEZ

consoleEZ Log Analyzers

The Log Analyzers in consoleEZ provide you with the Ytria flexYgrid interface to help analyze and monitor your Domino logs.

The Log Analyzer scans the 'Events' categories (including passthru connections) from the server's log.nsf and displays the errors.

consoleEZ Log Analyzers Options

  • Events categories to display

Miscellaneous Events: Events that do not appear in other views.
Mail Routing Events: Mail routing details, not available in the Miscellaneous Events view.
Security Events: For example, ID Vault events.
Passthru Connections: Activity of users or servers connecting through a Domino pass-through connection.
Replication Events: Information about servers replications.

  • Date-Time Range Filter

Include everything: Include all the logs, no time range applied.
Set Date-Time Range: By default it takes 30 minutes before the last log time.

  • Search by Regular Expression

More information about Regular Expression on this page.

Using Log Analyzers

  • Create Pivot Table: You can create a Pivot Table with the grid data values. More information about Pivot Table on this page.
  • Settings: Display the Log Analyzer Options from the Log Analyzer grid.
  • Close: Close the Log Analyzer grid.

Grid right-click options - Tools and Columns

More information about Grid Tools and Options is here.

The Log Analyzers Grid includes the following columns:

Originating ServerSource log server.
DateDate and Time value.
DescriptionLog description.
SeverityLog event severity.
CategoryLog event category.
Type CodeDecimal format value.
Status CodeHexadecimal format value.
Server TaskServer Task name.
Target ServerTarget Domino Server.
Target DatabaseTarget Domino Database.
Target UserTarget Domino User.
Target ExtraTarget Extra data.

More information about Grid Columns is here.

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