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Open with (databaseEZ)

Opening servers or databases with

databaseEZ provides the option to open one or more databases in other Ytria tools.
This is a convenient way to switch to another tool while working on some databases.

Open with designPropEZ, signEZ, scanEZ: launch one instance of the tool for each database currently selected in the Main Grid.

Open with aclEZ, agentEZ, replicationEZ:

  • If the server is open in partial loaded mode then these actions will also partially load the server in each new tool.
NOTEUser ID considerations:
  • You can also easily work on the same server with two or more different IDs with several instances of the same tool.
    More information about ID switching is on this page.
  • Open with uses the initial ID to open the database. Therefore if you do a Switch ID and then open the database with another product, then the initial ID will still be used in the new instance and not the switched ID.

These options are located in the Edit menu as well as in the right-click menu in the Main Grid.

NOTEThis list displays tools that are installed in the directory of the currently running IBM Notes client.
Any tools that are not installed will appear greyed-out in this menu.
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