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Retrieve mailbox information of selected users

Retrieve mailbox settings and litigation hold information for selected users.

PowerShell is required and you will be prompted to authenticate the first time during a session.

If they are not loaded in the grid, these user properties display the button icon in the grid. You can see the full list of these properties in the Column Map and in the table that follows.

Column title


Mailbox Info :: Hidden from address lists - Mailbox Settings

Indicates if mailbox is hidden from address books.

Mailbox Info :: Mailbox type

Shared, room, equipment or user type mailbox (friendly).

Mailbox Info :: Recipient type details

Shared, room, equipment or user type mailbox.

Mailbox Info :: Keep copy of forwarded message (SMTP) - Mailbox Settings

Setting option for when SMTP forwarding is enabled.

Mailbox Info :: SMTP forwarding address - Mailbox Settings

Email address set for SMTP forwarding.

Mailbox Info :: Forwarding address - Mailbox Settings

Email addresses set by user with mail flow settings.

Mailbox Info :: 'Send on behalf of' delegates - Mailbox settings

Users who can send email on behalf of this mailbox.

Mailbox Info :: 'Send as' delegates - Mailbox Settings

Users who can send emails from this mailbox.

Mailbox Info :: Litigation Hold Enabled

Litigation hold status on a mailbox.

Mailbox Info :: Litigation Hold Date

Date on which the hold was placed.

Mailbox Info :: Litigation Hold Owner

User who placed the hold.

Mailbox Info :: Litigation Hold Duration

Duration of the hold.

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