Ytria scanEZ lets you recategorize the notes inside your 'My Selection' virtual folders. Just choose Re-Categorize Selection in the My Selection menu (or right-click your selection and choose Re-categorize in the contextual menu).

In the above image, the My Selection folder is categorized by Form name. (Categories are graphically represented by folder icons--but they are not actual Notes folders).

The Recategorize 'MySelection' dialog.

Recategorization settings

You have the following options available for customizing the categorization of notes:

  • Using Current Displayed Title: This option will categorize the notes inside your 'My Selection' by whatever settings you are using for displayed titles.
  • Flat: This option will remove all categorization and display the notes flat.

The 'My Selection' folder in the above image has been re-categorized to display the notes flat (i.e. with no categorization at all).

  • Default: This option will categorize notes using scanEZ's predefined defaults. See the table below for a list of default categorizations:

    Default Categorization by note type

    Type of noteDefault categorization
    Documents (including conflicts)Form field
    ProfilesAll together under the heading 'Profiles'
    Design elementsDesign element type
    "Special" design elements (e.g: The ACL note; the database icon; the 'about this database' note etc.)All together under the heading 'Others'

  • Field Name: This option lets you choose a field name and re-categorize by that item's values. Note: the pull-down menu gathers a quick list of fields from the first document encountered, but clicking the Other... button will gather a full field list from the item def table.
  • Formula: This allows you to categorize notes with a formula (e.g: entering "@Lowercase(subject)" will re-categorize the 'My Selection' folder using the Subject field value in lowercase).
  • Column Value: This option lets you categorize the notes in a 'My Selection' folder by a view or folder column value. The dialog where you choose the view or folder column offers a 'Preview' button which lets you check the column's value before you re-categorize.

Title Options

These are the same Selection Tree title options offered elsewhere in scanEZ. Click here for a full description.


Using the Recategorize My Selection feature in conjunction with scanEZ's Search the Contents of a View or Folder is a very fast and efficient way to get a selection of documents categorized in a meaningful way. Since the Search the Contents... feature gathers its information from the existing view index, you won't have to wait for anything to load.