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Columns by Position in View tab

This is the default tab that appears when the Columns button is clicked. Design elements (i.e. views, folders) are shown side-by-side in columns, with each cell being occupied by a view column. The first column is reserved for shared columns.

In this tab you can directly apply columns to several views and folders all at once. With viewEZ you can move, copy, paste, edit, delete columns: Manage all of your view columns in a single table.

Right-click menu

Column Properties...Use viewEZ to edit the column properties (example: text color or size) for one or several view columns all at the same time.
Column Formulas...Compare and examine Column Formulas side-by-side for selected columns
CopyCopy the selected column(s)
PasteInsert column(s) before the current selection
AppendInsert column(s) after the last column in the view
DeleteDelete the selected column(s)
Select Linked Shared Columns
Select Original Shared Columns
Link to Shared Column
Make it Shared
Shared Columns operations

See Shared Columns page for more details
Export to FileNot implemented yet
SearchSearch operations

See Search and Analyze Columns page for more details
Color scheme
Reset Grid Size
Customize Order...
Display options

See Display Options page for more details
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